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TNF 2016 Greeting

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TNF 2016 Greeting Empty TNF 2016 Greeting

Post by Piombo on Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:09 am

TNF 2016 Greeting UserType_GM
Dear NF community,
                  As we sail into a new year, we would like to thank our community for its strong support of NavyField and we hope our players will have a enjoyable 2016. One thing we promise is we will continue support on NavyField just like our old days.
                  We ask that anyone who has an issue that they believe needs to be addressed, leave it in the replies with a brief description about it. We ask that each community member posts once with the single issue they feel should be a priority. We understand many will say bug fixes or stability fixes are the priority and that is of the highest priority to get done, but what we are looking for is each individual community member to post the one thing they believe matter. We will leave this thread unlocked until we gather enough information, then we will compile a list to discuss with developers and see what is possible and what is not.
                  In addition, our team has agreed with granting amnesty to previous offenders and/or rule breakers who has been suspended from the game except those with major incidents in NF history. If you believe you are eligible to apply for this program, you are required to send us support ticket for further view and consideration.
 Thank you for your support of NavyField

TNF 2016 Greeting Piombo

TNF 2016 Greeting 04_enterprise_Piombo

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