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Fleet Application

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Fleet Application

Post by Piombo on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:56 pm

-- Basic rules for now:

If you are interested in being recruited feel free to post an
application we will monitor your behavior and tactics for a given period
of time.
If you are accepted, a squad leader will invite you to join our fleet after a final process.

-- An important requirement for those who
do not quite have experience or skill in this game, is that you are
willing to take constructive criticism from those with experience. If
any officer ask you to change a ship setup in order to better yourself,
we expect that you do it. It may seem harsh and rude but the criticism
will always be constructive and with the intent to better your skills
within the game.

-- Before joining
you must give your word that you will remain loyal to the fleet no
matter what the circumstances are. Fleet Hoppers will NOT be accepted
under any condition. Fleet unity and loyalty is the base of our fleet.
Until our name is recognized as one of the best we might pass through bad times,then at this moment loyalty
will be more than expected.

-- You may not apply if you are in a
fleet. If you are in a fleet you must leave before your application will
be taken seriously. Also multi-account users ( there are more and more
with the new nations and the 50 sailors limit Besides HQ) must announce all their
accounts in the application

-- If you would like to apply to our fleet, please post here in the recruitment section with the following information below.

1. IN-game ID , Name & Age .

2. Nation and levels .

3. Describe your crew (number of support or pilots etc...) .

4. Hours you play each day (which timezone you're in as well) .

5. Do you agree with everything stated in the Requirements Post ?

6. Playing experience (How long and what previous servers you were on ) .

7. Are you a BB/CV/SS player ?

8. Any previous Fleets or squads + reason you left them ?

9. What is the primary Language you speak ?

10. Why you have decided to join us ?

11. Does anyone else play your account, if so who? How often?

12. Applications might take more than (a) week(s), can you be patient?

13: Do you use Auto or manual FCS, and why?

14: Will you be available for fleet events (on weekends)?

15: Do you agree to the Main fleet rules?

Please notify here if someone in the fleet invited you

For now these are the rules to Apply. Please Also remember the Main Fleet rules while applying as well.

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Re: Fleet Application

Post by Piombo on Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:34 am


Topic Post Locked Posters . Please Copy and Paste Application As New Topic with Player Name As Title When Posting .

Thank You




Male Posts : 589
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