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Fleets Rules and Regulations

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Fleets Rules and Regulations Empty Fleets Rules and Regulations

Post by Piombo on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:49 pm

These are the Atomic Energy Fleets Rules and Regulations, make sure that
these rules are read, and abide by all Fleet Members, and respected
possible New Fleet Member Applicants, please read below:

1. Treating your Fleet Members with Respect.
Reason that we are here is to be a powerful fleet in Navy Field , and together we will accomplish our goals. If bad feelings exists between fleet members, this will make it a lot harder to
work together and achieve our goals that we set forth on, so if you do
have a problem with someone, PM them and work it out amongst yourselves
or if that does not work, contact the proper leadership in charge and we
will help you work out your problem.

2.Uphold the Image of the Atomic Energy.
means no stacking in any game play in NF, no border humping or planes
or ships, no leaching, also means no ghosting or ABing, this is against
NF rules, and makes our fleet look bad (you must be seen at all times).
Our Fleet Image and game play is the key to make us better than
everybody else. We want to be seen as the best fleet on Nebraska. If you
are caught doing any of these things, you will be warned. Repeated
offenses will result in more serous actions, such as being withdrawal
from the fleet.

3.All Atomic Energy BB’s must have a Scout.
makes our fleet look better then any other fleet. Not a lot of BB1's
have a scout, and having scouts on your BB1 makes our fleet look better
then any other fleet. We do not want to be called the noob fleet. We
want to be called the best fleet on kaiser server.

4.All Having Fun.
Field is a game, and is meant to be that way a game, if you are getting
frustrated, or you are about ready to explode, then you are in need of
taking a break from the game, maybe for the day or two, let us know you
are getting frustrated and we will understand.

5.All Ha’s, Fleet League, Fleet War’s.
Request that if you are to or plan on participate in these events that
you get on our RaidCall. If you do not get on RaidCall you will be one of those
members who will not participate in any of these above events. We need
to know how to work with each other, that is why RaidCall is important. We
need to know who's weakness and strong points are.

6.All Spamming in Game, and Forums.
are not against having a good time, and from time to time, it breaks up
the monotony of the everyday grind, but please keep the spamming down
to a minimum. While we are in Fleet League, HA’s Fleet Wars ETC.,
Spamming will not be tolerated on Fleet Chat in game or on GSC.

in game is regulated by SDE / NF Rules please abide by their rules, or
suffer the Mods or GM’s consequences on your punishment that they give

7.RaidCall and you.
is here for everyone to use, we require for all of our members to
download it, and use it while in game, some members that do not have a
mic, still can come onto RaidCall and relay their
answers by using the Fleet Chat messaging while in game, no mic is
needed, but preferred, communication is another key part to our Success
as a Fleet, more info can be given over RaidCall than trying to type in game, so download it, use it.

8.No Hand Outs / Beggars.
Please Note:
The Majority of our Fleet Members have Grinded their own way to what
ships that they have now, and the Sailors as well, they have either
bought their own sailor Items, and or paid someone for getting the
Premium Items for them, we do not just hand over these things for free,
you want something you must pay for them one way or the other, if you
are a constant beggar or begging for stuff, actions will be dealt with.
Do not come into this fleet thinking we will give you stuff for nothing.
For example a fleet used to hand out free stuff to
their members, I have watched members go in for free stuff, use them and
leave, that is bad leadership to allow that to happen. Also if you need
help leveling a crew please make sure its tradeable, ask 1 time in
fleet chat per day, and come onto the forums as ask via the Trader's
Area. Do not use your fleet members, action will be taken if you misuse a
member of this fleet.

9- Account sharing.
will not happen in our fleet. Do not give other members your
pass-codes. If SDE finds out you shared your account, they will do
nothing to help you if your account gets hacked into. It is out of their
hands. Some people will use you just to get a better ship, that is
wrong, and will be dealt with. Using members will result to withdrawal of the

We ask you not
to bring in your personal problems into the game. Such as family, work
or any other problems related to game or not related to game. If the
problems are related to the game, take care of them via leadership of
the fleet, Mods, Support tickets, or by your self. We do not want to
hear about your problems on a daily basis. We are a non drama fleet, and
we will stay that way! No drama in this fleet, you bring drama to the
fleet you will be subject to dismissal from the fleet. This is suppose
to be a relaxing game, not a child game.

11-Leave of Absences.
if you are gone for a while, make use of this function please, If we do not
know where you are, and do not here from you for 1 month, you maybe subject to
withdrawal from the fleet. If you decide to come back after you been
withdrawal from the fleet, you must post an application, and wait like
everyone else.

We ask you
to register on both the NFNA forums, as well as to our forums. We ask
you to check it at least once a week for information that may be new and
to keep track of our events. You must sign up for all events, our
forums is the way to our communication, just like RaidCall.

do have some under age members in our fleet. Please be responsible of
your language while in the fleet. I know this game is suppose to be for
adults, but does not mean we have to be a fleet of all adults. So be
mindful of your language in fleet chat.

a player feels disrespect please, bring this up to one of our
leadership, we will try to short this issue out, please try to stick to
the SQ leaders or XO's before going to me, Things needs to run in this
fleet in order. All leaderships are listed here, and will be changed as
the fleet leaders change.

1- piombo Fleet Master
2- SQ leader
3- SQ leader
4- SQ Leader
(All sq do have sq xo's they are also in charge get in with your sq leader to find out who your sq xo is)

We fill everyone deserves another chance, but some will only get 2 chances. so do not abuse this.

Any and All Rules are Subjected to change, and will be noted when rules have been changed

Please sign, making sure you understand to the rules of your fleet Royal Marine.

Fleets Rules and Regulations Piombo

Fleets Rules and Regulations 04_enterprise_Piombo

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